Alexander Martin Caleb


Our Little Baby Boy

I don’t know how someone that I just met can make me love him so much!  He is doing really well, especially considering that he was born five weeks early.  We feel very blessed that Alex made it as far as he did and we are very thankful for the care that we have received from the doctors and nurses at Bumrungraad Hospital in Thailand. Take a look at the photos - I know there will be many more to come.



July 7th, 2006. 8:53 am.


2.65 kilos (5 pounds 14 ounces)


48 cm


Bangkok, Thailand


Alexander Martin Caleb

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Check out some short movie clips of Alex.  Photos can’t capture a voice or a laugh.  Click here.

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My Newest photos

Daddy has been a little busy and as you can see my photo albums ended at 7 months.  Here are the Newest albums.